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our parliament is also known as sansad bhavan. It has three divisions- 1.president of india 2.rajya sabha 3. lok sabha. President has full power to do anything.Then in rajya sabha all state heads are there. And in lok sabha , all the ministers elected by people are there.Thus, either there are 3 divisions or 5, our democratic country 's is of the people,for the people,by the people.
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The parliament is the highest law making body of consists of 2 houses lok sabha and rajya sabha. lok sabha is lower house of the parliament consists of 545 members they are elected by the people,this house of the parliament consists of the pm and council of ministers.the rajya sabha is the upper house consists of 245 members which are indirectly elected
The numbers r wrong.... there r 552 in lok sabha nd 252 in rajya sabha