The Arabian sea branch of south west monsoon is responsible for giving rainfall in northern plains because when South West trade winds strike the western ghats and give good rainfall on the ward side. Whereas the Central Peninsula is situated on the leeward side of western ghats so ot does not receive rainfall from Arabian sea branch.
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(i) The part of South-West monsoons which blow over Arabian sea is responsible for high rainfall on the western coast of India, (ii) These winds enter through Saurashtra and enter northern plains. These winds strike the Himalayas and give fairly good rainfall and they have abandoned moisture.(i) South-West monsoons are perpendicular to the direction of Western Ghats thus they give heavy rainfall on the wind world side of the Western Ghats(ii) Central peninsula lies on the leeward side of the Western Ghats. This Arabian Sea branch of south-west monsoon does not reach the region.
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