The circumstances in which India entered the world of Test cricket:

1. India entered the world of test cricket in 1932, 13 years before its independence.

2. At that time, test cricket was organised as a contest between differnent regions of the British Emmpire. Therefore, India was entitled to send a team to play cricket among other colonies.
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So is this much sufficient for a five marker question?
These are the two points I could find out after going through a lot of sites on the internet.
1) india entered the world of cricket in 1932,a decade and a half before it became independent.
2) since diff parts of test cricket was between the british empire contest organised as A,not sovereign nations,india was therefore able to send a team and start of the revolution in cricket amongst colonies

this were the circumstances in which india entered the world of test

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So is this much sufficient for a five marker question