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Yes over population leads to less development as the no of resources are the same but overpopulation causes shortage of them leading to lesser resources for development of industries.also creatig job oppurtunities becomes even more scarce when the population growth rate is over population is highly undesirable.
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Over population is a very serious matter in a country like India. India is a country where resources are mostly limited. So if population increases then the resources must also increase. If the resources do not increase then less development of life takes place. Poverty is also the main cause for lessening of resources which results in over population.Poverty is the crying cause of India. It generally means the people who are said to suffer from poverty means their per capital income is not sufficient to meet their needs. The main cause of poverty is unemployment, illiteracy etc. Private sectors need to think more about the labours rather than the profit and production. Educational projects like Jawahar yojna, angan bari, Shiksha abhiyan etc., should be given more importance as higher the level of education increases the chances of poverty decreases. The  government should execute the educational & job facilities chances so that the most crying problem called Poverty could be completely eradicated from our very own country. From our side we can try best to spread awareness among people of teaching their children by sending them them to school. We can even fund their education by collecting funds and helping the poverty stricken people.
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