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Fundamental Rights are meant for the citizen of the state while Directive Principles of State Policy are meant as directions or instructions for the State.

Fundamental Rights are enforceable in the law courts while Directive Principles of State Policy are not enforceable in law courts.

Fundamental Rights seek to establish political democracy while Directive Principles seek to establish social and economic democracy.

Fundamental Rights are more precise in nature while Directive Principles are more general in nature.

During emergency, Fundamental Rights remain suspended. However, no question of suspending Directive Principles arrive.

Fundamental Rights are found in Part III and Directive Principles are found in Part IV of Constitution.
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One example : Directive Principle provides for free and compulsory education to all children aged 6 to 14 years.
Fundamental rights are guaranteed by the constitution whereas the directive principles are not.
fundamental rights if violated can be appealed in the court whereas the directive principles cant.
fundamental rights are guaranteed whereas directive principles are just indicatives for formation of new laws