I along with my grup of friends went to the local mla .it was a really enriching experince.we talked about the ongoing issues which were raised by the people also we talked about the the problems in the recent days faced by all of us the major one being the woman security and the child safety . he assured us tht h will take steps to improve the situation .thus the talks were really effective

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I wished the MLA good morning and he too wished me. Then, on asking how was he elected he replied that people loved him because he used to do a lot for them and he was also very famous not by name, but by work. On asking what was his work, he said that he served people by construction of schools and colleges, girl child education, removal of slums and beggars and making them responsible members of the society and women's safety. When asked that what will be the time taken he replied that it might take over a year or less as public chose him for 5 years.
hello im aditi sharma i from delhi i interviwed with my local mla you ( you can write your name too) : hello mla how are you ? mla: im good thank you. you : ok , sir how happy ur party is.your party won the election. mla: our party is soo happy .our country has voted for us and we will continue the promises made to the people. you: ok sir would you like to tell something to the people who all voted to your party. mla: yes im thankfull to people who trusted us and voted us.