Me:xcuese me sir,i wanna file a complaint.
me:xcuese me sir.....can i file a complaint??
insp: yaaa sure.whts ur prblm??
me: ctually today when i was returning frm market2 boys who were ridng bike     n who werecvrng their faces with masks snatchd my goldchain which i           hadworn.....can u plzz help me in returng my chain back...plzz
insp: sure...ur complaint will be lodgd n i juss want u to sign here on these papers..
me: okay....(aftr signng)plz sir i want it back soon
ins: u donn wrry we have a list of daily chain sntchers...n evn we have a group of            police men who have an eye on these relx n let me do my job
me: thank u sir....plz keep me infrmd ...thnks a lot
insp: my duty.....its ok
Me:hello sir. i want file a compliant.                               inp:what is your promlem.
me:  i was returning form my grandpa house few boyssome boys who are in a bike and they had covered there faces with masks  were snatched my gold chain.
can u please return it is gifted by my sister pls.
inp: sure i your complaint will be lodgd and pls sign in these paper.
me:pls sir i want it back soon.
inp:dont worry your chain will be soon with you.
me: thank you very much sir.
inp: its my work ok.

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