Plight of peasants under British rule-
Peasants at the time of Britishers had to face lots of problems like famine, hunger etc.
They were treated worst than animals. They were pressurized to grow more and more crops while accepting only little wages which was not sufficient even to have a meal at a time for their family. Some were weak, they committed suicide. Some were strong, they raised their voice yet they were completely crushed by the Britishers.
plight of peasants in this era-
Though things have changed and many methods have been developed that helps peasants in all way. Yet there are some (or many we don't know clearly) peasants who didn't get in return of their hard work what they actually want and hence they commits suicide. Its 21st century it must not happen.

The only difference between the time of British rule and this era is that, at the time of British rule the voice of pain and suffering of the peasants reached only common people who fought against it and succeeds and in this era the suffering reaches only to the ears of some people who crush their voice completely and we common people just remains shut and this injustice. 
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