Most of the disease comes due to without should have clean habits the  disease will not the government no need to spend money.they spend most of the money for infectious diseaselike cholera,dengu,swine flu, etc. one who have clean habits like washing hands after washroom,proper drainage system around us to avoid mosquito,keeping clean in pig farm  
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Environmental Cleanliness in health and social care facilities means more that just maintaining a clean and safe environment. It makes a statement to services users and visitors about the attitudes of staff, managers and Trust Boards. All Trusts have a duty to ensure that high standards of environmental cleanliness are being met and maintained. Service users rightly expect that their stay in hospital will be as safe and comfortable as possible with clean wards, tidy furnishings and clean linen. High standards of environmental cleanliness are particularly important and there is a public perception that standards have deteriorated. The key is to ensure that the highest possible standards of environmental cleanliness are achieved and to satisfy service users that health and social care facilities are clean and are being kept clean, thereby creating and sustaining a caring environment that supports the delivery of high quality health and social care.