Books, what a beautiful thing.. ever since i started reading any book i was so facinated by it that it gave me confidence made me cry and also gave me such a laugh i hadf tears in my eyes. It turns out that nothing can stop me from reading. Afterall it my hobby.. and who doesn't read..! Anyway, today i read one chapter from a book that i had to write my own book. Books are my inspiration, God knows what i will do without them.
Books also open out my mind and let creativity flow into it. I can do many things as sweet as a laddu and as beautiful as a peacock. I learn thousands of faciniating things that i thought was just imagination. But no.. I mean much more than i am saying right now.

For example.. Did you know that male seahorses can become mothers? I know you wont believe the words which i spoke right now but thats what happened to me too. Just enjoy a cup of tea and read any book, and believe me, you can learn much more than you expected to learn.
Thank you.
- Written and thought of by Alison glasfurd.
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tanks a lot alison
your welcome! :-)