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Farmyard waste can be composted to obtain manure. It takes a lot of money to dispose them so they can be used in this way.
Farm waste can have a significant environmental impact. Keeping farm waste to a minimum will reduce the risk of pollution, as well as the amount of waste going to landfill. Reducing the amount of waste you produce will reduce your costs.
In addition, farmers have environmental responsibilities under Cross Compliance regulations. These aim to protect water quality, local landscape and wildlife and are obligatory for any farmer who receives agricultural payments, though they are also good practice for all farmers and land managers.
This guide will define the different types of farm waste, and tell you what you can do to minimise the waste on your farm by reducing packaging, composting and recycling waste. It will also explain the regulations on disposing of farm waste. You may need to get an environmental permit or to register an exemption from environmental permitting with the Environment Agency for your waste activities.
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