Hello im aditi sharma i from delhi i interviwed with my local mla you ( you can write your name too) : hello mla how are you ? mla: im good thank you. you : ok , sir how happy ur party is.your party won the election. mla: our party is soo happy .our country has voted for us and we will continue the promises made to the people. you: ok sir would you like to tell something to the people who all voted to your party. mla: yes im thankfull to people who trusted us and voted us.
Yesterday I had an interview with the mla of jodhpur. After the conversation I realized that She is a good person who loves her country and citizes. And he is well concerned about her responsibilities. After hearing her dreams and plans to improve the conditions of her locality I really changed my thoughts towards politicians. Earlier I thought that all the politicians are corrupted and all think about their personal gains. But she is very different. In her locality child mairrage is still there. And she is also victim of that. She is now organizing a new abhiyan " kyun chin rage ho bachpan" abhiyan in which she is trying to remove it by organizing counselling camps. She told me about her experiences of child mairrage personally and my really my eyes filled with tears. She is also taking steps to teach all the girls of her locality. She is also helping farmers and traders. So lastly I want to say that if all the politicians are like her, our India will never face any bad situation....