Today our nation has still not reallised the importance of a clean india . he would have given us the same message that pm modi had given.
he would have again given the message of swadeshi movement that is make in india.
he would have given a message of communal harmony which mostly takes place in muzzafur nagar, and may he would have gone on annshann.
reduce terrorism
the affirmation of self esteem
belief in the magic of non violence

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In his valuable study, 'Revolutionaries: Contemporary Essays, E. J. Hobsbawm says, 'that of all the vague words of the late 1960's violence is very nearly the trendiest and the most meaningless'. The root meaning of violence comes from the Latin 'Violentia' meaning vehemence, a passionate and uncontrolled force, the opposite of a calculated exercise of power. Violence is so much a part of modern society that one is easily led to think of it as the dominant characteristic of the times we are livi

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Pay peace towards the nation by avoiding the terrorism which is responsible for destruction of the founations of our nation