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Vedic culture is the one in which students know their potential and identifies the field in which they excel.But modern way of education is not so.Students are made to study  under compulsion of parents.

The main role of a teacher in vedic period is to mold the student by means of good character.So character plays an important role than education.But modern students are not taught to behave in an refined manner.

Moreover students in vedic culture obeyed their elders and teachers.But not all do so in modern world.
Modern education teaches to respect all but some people don't follow it(it depends on your choice to follow it or not). Vedic education was more like a religious, mathematical, and scientific mode of education(and it was mandatory), that's because most of the ancient countries (one of which is India) were linked with the Babylonian culture many years ago. And if you relate some of the most ancient countries, there will be a common cultural pattern.