Let marked price be x Then net price or selling price will be x-12%x= 88/100x CP= (88/100 multiplied by 100)divided by(100+21) =88/121x Now, the difference between marked price and cost price =83/121x Now percent, = 83/121x multiplied by reciprocal of cost price multiplied by 100 =23.97 Plz mark as best plzplzplzplzplzplz
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But how is the difference between MP and CP= 83/121xl; it should be 33/121x.So,consequently the percentage is 37.5%. Anyways your steps helped me to find the answer....
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Let CP be 100...Since profit is 21% . is 12%...let MP be x.. Therefore (100-12)%Of x=121...88/100*x=121....x=12100/88=137.5.....MP-CP=137.5-100=37.5....Required percentage=37.5/100*100%=37.5%