A juice seller in a marriage party has a cylindrical vessel with base radius 25 cm and height 4 cm is full of juice. he gives the same in small glasses of radius 5 cm and height 10 cm. how many oranges are required for the bigger vessel to fill completely if to fill one glass 2 oranges are required?



10 glass
vol of container / vol of i glass
1 4 1
my teacher told it is 100 glass
i nedd te full steps
sorry ,the
no its correct
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Volume of glass = 22/7*5*5*10
                       =785.71 cm^3
volume of vessel=22/7*25*25*4
total glasses required = 7857.14/785.71
1 glass = 2 oranges 
10 glasses = 20 oranges 
2 4 2
means the question you posted that of csa
75.42 cm square
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