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To ensure availability of food to all sections of society,Indian government carefully designed food security system,which consist of two components: (a)buffer stock and (b)public distribution addition to PDS,various poverty alleviation programmes were also started which comprised a component of food security.some of these are integrated child development services,food for work,mid-day meals, antyodaya Anna yojans addition cooperatives and NGOs also working intensively towards this direction.
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I) Although a large section of people suffer from food and nutrition insecurity in India, the worst affected groups are landless people with little or no land to depend upon, traditional artisans, providers of traditional services, petty self-employed workers and destitutes including beggars.
ii) In the urban areas, the food insecure families are those whose working members are generally employed in ill-paid occupations and casual labour market. These workers are largely engaged in seasonal activities and are paid very low wages that just ensure bare survival.
iii) The SCs, STs and some sections of the OBCs (lower castes among them) who have either poor land-base or very low land productivity are prone to food insecurity.