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Plot - description of a crowded market place. Rizwan's interview wid kasim a rag seller. Kasim's indifference to politics. Extreme poverty in rag sellers family. Kasim leaves for work . Rizwan's own prblms at home. Rizwan goes to the newspaper office . Hungry rizwan walks back home. He hopes to succeed on day. !!!! Setting - hunger is set against the backdrop of the iranian revolution of 1979. The references to the country having a storehouse of petrol, the new government and the old reign of shah all clearly point towards the setting of the plot in iran. There is a mention of the kihaan news paper which may refer to kayhan, a influential daily newspaper in iran. After Islamic revolution in iran, and the setting up of the republican form of government, there was widespread uncertainty . It is this atmosphere of doubt and anxiety that is presented in the story...!! I hope what I mentioned was clear ! ^_^ .. Thank you ! :D
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