The water was cold, i took a deep breath and jumped into it.
I am afraid of water and it is necessary for me to get a win over this fear which has been frightening me since my childhood days. In my childhood I met with a mischief more than accident. I was seven years old when I used to go to swimming classes to learn swimming. A mischievious child who was of 9-10 years old at that time, pushed me in the cold water of swimming pool in a side of 4-5ft. I was new in class and didn't new how to swim. Also I went blank at the moment and started panicking as I didn't know how to tackle the situation. I was safe after some time but the fear of water freezed in my mind. And now being 25 I want to take this fear out of my mind. It was just irritating to me when my friend threw a party at the beach and I couldn't enjoy with my friends in the water because of this fear. Now I don't want to experience it again. So I have hired a trainer who is teaching me how to swim. We are in SITHERA SWIMMING POOL and the water is too cold to swim but I have to swim and I want to swim....
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