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Everybody has an aim in life. Aim or ambition is the inner desire of a man. No man can do anything in the world without if his aim is not fixed.So,all of us should be clear about the aim in our life. We may get difficulties in getting the aim we want but we have to go ahead at any cost. have already fixed my aim in life and i.e. becoming a doctor.

A doctor lives a noble life and he is always at the service of suffering people. A sick man looks at him with hope and joy. The smiling face of a doctor makes the patient cheerful. A good doctor is respected everywhere. If I become a doctor I shall earn a lot of money but I must be very kind to the poor and needy people. I will not charge any fee from them and I shall be helping the helpless.

I am studying biology and I will sit for the competitive tests for administration to a medical college. I want to be a serious student i.e. I will not waste my time anywhere. But I shall try to be a good and qualified doctor. I will be helping the patients with whatever I have. I shall devote all my time to studies. Once I become a doctor, I shall have some plans. I will set up my clinic.

Ofcourse I will earn money, but money will not be my main aim. I shall work day and night to serve people. I want to make a big name. Days are far off I am just a student of 7th hstd.I am trying hard to realize my ambition and I wish my dream would be fulfilled one day.

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thnk u pravin bhaiya and lukkyramyasist
hii anjali
hii anjali