In class 9 science book it as been mentioned that in case of AIDS , common cold( viral) can change into pneumonia ( bacterial ) . My question is how can a viral disease change into bacterial?

Viral disease cannot change to a bacterial one,you can have a viral disease(like AIDS) and a bacterial disease(like pneumonia) at the same time,but you cannot transform them.


There is no absolute refence as its just used as an example the thing is that when u have a disease like aids the immunit system doesnt work properly resulting in small diseases leading into a disasterous end.hence,when u have aids and get disease like cold the infection worsens and paves way for pneumonia
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Its lolllll that viral disease cant change into bacterial. if you have got aids without the knowing reason your mind starts thinking that its due to bacterial disease. aids never come from bacterial disease it always come by viral disease
she is not saying that AIDS is a bacterial disease.She is saying how does it change to a bacterial disease.
I am saying how can commoncold change to pneumonia as both are caused by diff. pathogens