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7-11-12, Ameerpet Hyderabad 500016 Dear (your friend's name) , It has been since a long ago I have written you a letter. I hope you are keeping up with good health. You have never been to india, so I would like to expLain the type of election System followed in india. India consists of uneducated people and the power of voting is in the hands of masses. India follows a parliamentary form of government. The election of the members of lok sabha or the chief ministers are elected every 5 years by the people. A few days or weeks before elections the nominated members perform activites by which people could support them. PeOple who attain 18 years or above have the right to vote irrespective of caste creed colour or gender through a secret bullet voting system. It is done in every area in a near by governmental schools. After the election is completed it is decided who shall have the floor of the house and thus this is how the members are elected. Convey my regards to uncle and aunt. Yours lovingly , (Your name )
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