Yes, it is true that plants grow through out their lives as they keep getting sunlight for photosynthesis... and water to make their own food...

But in the case of human being ... they also keep growing but their brain stops growing at the age of 5 ... So, in Human beings Physical growth goes on but mental stops...

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not necessary ....... it depends.. on hormone..
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like some people. may have beard b4 the ryt tym of facial hairs..
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Yes Plant have unlimited growth.

This is due to the meristem present at the upper tip that allows multiplication of cells and develops plant growth.Moreover the adaptation of plants makes them to grow.

for example:if plants don't find sunlight or water their shoot or stem grows in search of it respectively.but in case of animals there is possibility of motion.So no such adaptations are found.

And further,animal tissues are bound to grow only to a certain size or height.
So Plants have unlimited and animals have limited growth.
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is it true that tulsi doesnt give co2 during night
yeah true
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