You are the Bishop. You've given away your silver candlesticks to the Convict. You had adeep attachment to them and you know that your sister Persome is going to be extremely upset when she knows the truth in the morning. You feel a deep sence of satisfaction. Make diary entry expressing your feelings in about 100-120 words.

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I have been the bishop of France for many years now. People praise my good deeds, everywhere I go but if you ask I did the first good deed of my life. Any generous man would have helped the needy and poor. So did I,...but the convict.....for years he hadn't known what good was...the world had been inhumanely cruel to him...there was no good for him. Today when I made such a person believe in good, when I could restore his faith in good...I feel very satisfied. I know Persome will be bubbling with anger tomorrow morning, those were my mother's after all. But still had my mother been here she would have wished the same.
The bishop.

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