One fine night me and my friends went for boating . it is on one monday last year . one of my friend was singing thum hi ho song from ashiqki2 and we three were playing subway surfers . 1 hour gone my brother was riding the boat . we said to return . while return in our lake i saw a large crocodile and i stood up. i shouted so all my friends stood up . then the boat fell down . we are afraid of crocodile and as well as all know swimming exept me . i started crying there . then for two hours we were seeking for help from others . then we noticed that there was no crocodile and that is a simple a crocodile shaped stone . then i got head ache and fell down then i woke up that time i was in my home .i asked how we came here ? then my brother said one peson came for boating that side and he seeked help from him . really that time i was so afraid and started to cry . that was really a teraffic experience . i cant forget that experience.
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