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The Swine Flu is a viral infection rather than a bacterial infection, which makes it harder to treat. Much of the care for viruses is preventive; viruses are hard to treat after they have entered a living host. 
Many people do not know the difference between a viral infection and a bacterial one and consider them interchangeable. Yet they are quite different. Viruses are sub-microscopic particles ranging in size from 20 to 300 nanometers (about 1000 times smaller than the width of a human hair). Viruses must have a living host to function. They remain dormant until they infect a living cell. Within a cell, they then change the genetic material of the cell to replicate the virus. AIDS and Influenza are both created by this process of taking over the normal function of a cell in order to replicate viral cells.
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Swine flu is a disease caused by viruses. It is a type of infection. It has many symptoms. That are fever, caugh, cold, head ach etc. Swine flu is transmitted one person to person. If he or she is suffering from swine flu he or she can die also. We should wash our hands after and before eating food. We should wear clean clothes. We should bath daily. In one day more then 3 people die in india because of swine flu.