Conservation of electricity - In the last five years there has been significant change in matters relating to conservation  of energy. Families have become more conscious. We now find people, saving energy every now and then. They have become aware of the consequences in case someday non renewable energy exhausts.

Number of Schools - The number of schools in our locality have increased a lot. Many state and central schools have been constructed. Education has become the first priority.

Hospitals-  Number of hospitals and health care centers has seen a considerable increase.

Houses - Our locality has become densely populated with houses. There has been the construction of five residential complexes in the past five years.

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changes observed in our locality in last five years:
1.conservation of electricity:in last five years most of the literate people have made efforts to conserve electricity for the future generation they are aware of the importance of electricity habit:in last five years the demand and popularity of fast foods within the young generation have increased.people are now dependent on fast foods schools:the number of schools have increased and the literacy rate has also increased.
4.hospitals:due to development in science and technology the no of hospitals have increased and the health facilities provided to the people have also improved
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