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A. General Remarks 1. both unification movements of German & Italy have similar characteristics 2. both Germany & Italy geographical expressions for many centuries a. & as 19th c unification approaches b. although both had been united under an empireship centuries earlier 3. Austria was common obstacle to both a. since Congress of Vienna dominated central including Northern Italy 4. mid 19th century unifying Germany & Italy appeared to be an almost hopeless task 5. but both countries would achieve unification at the same time 6. both Germany & Italy would achieve national unity thru pressure of a dynamic state a. Italy through Sardinia b. Germany thru Prussia 7. final victory for each country would be achieved thru efforts of a master politician & statesman a. Cavour in Italy b. Bismarck in Germany 8. each would find basis for unity in force = war 9. romanticism & nationalism would be NB to unification effort of each country 10. Napoleon responsible for interest of intellectuals in unification 
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Well , there was like a unification during the rise of the great dictators. Because Italy was fascist and Germany was too. But in 1943 Mussolini was deposed and Hitler ordered his men to save Italy to the last. And the axis and pact of steel.