Today in morning when I woke up I was weird because there was no electricity and Its my habit to listen songs in the Morning Masala program on the radio. Well I thought the electricity will come soon but when I came back from school there was no electricity. I used to surf brainly after coming to home on my PC. But it was not possible today. I use ovan to heat my food but it was also not possible to do that and I had to eat it as usual. Then I used to listen to music in my music system and used to dance but it was also not possible as it couldn't be plugged. Then at the evening I used to eat toasted bread but it was also not possible because the toaster could not work because of no electricity. I felt very boring that day and also realised what will happen if there is no electricity....!

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     On that day that there was no electric power in the locality.  In fact, it seems that the local authorities mentioned that there is some repair to be done to the cables and to the transformer nearby and to the transmission and hence, there would not be electricity.  It was a maintenance session scheduled for holiday (Sunday).  But, I did not know about it.

   I woke up in the morning on the last Sunday as the steadily rotating fan had come to a halt a while ago.  I turned my head to check the switch and understood that the power supply was off.  I got up and went in to the bath room to brush up. The water was cold.  I switched on the heater and let it on, in the hope that electricity will come back.

   I could not have breakfast, as the electric stove is not on.  So I quickly finished my bath in cold water.  Then I got ready and went out to take my breakfast.  I came back bringing breakfast for my family.  I sat on the sofa and thought of what I could do the  rest of the day.

   Normally, I would have watched the TV for some time, but it was off.  I used the headphone and radio on my cell phone to listen to music for some time.  When I had enough, I was ready to do my assignments.  It was dark without the lights, so I opened the windows and drew the curtains aside.  I opened the door into the balcony.  I worked on my study table and completed the maths and Science assignments.  There remained my English and French tasks.

  I went to the garden by the side of my house and sat there for a while.  Then I wanted to water the plants.  Unfortunately, the electric motor wouldn't turn on.  I mowed the lawns and then returned to the living room.  I told my my father that an inverter is essential.  He said he had just ordered one.

   We went out for the lunch, as we could not cook.  The mixer and the oven did not work.  The inside of the refrigerator was getting warmer.  But, we couldn't do much.

   We returned later in the afternoon.  I could not work on the computer either, as it was off.  Normally, I would play some games for some time and then work on some sites. 

   I inquired if there was power supply at my friends house.  I had gone there to watch the cricket match.   When it finished, I returned home.  Still, there was no electricity.  We brought two emergency lamps in to the living room and all of us sat there for the rest of the evening.  We discussed a lot of things relating to all of us.

   I went to the nearby restaurant to bring some snacks for the evening for all of us.  We took our dinner and retired to our bed rooms. We switched off all the lights and gadgets in the living room and the hall.  I sat in the balcony on a chair and relaxed.  I enjoyed the cool breeze touching my face and hands from time to time.

   After two hours in the night I was getting sleep.  So I lied down on the bed and kept the fan switch on.  I slept off and woke up in the morning but with the fan rotating. I liked it so much at the instant.  With renewed energy I got up and got myself ready for breakfast

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