Most  people of our country really don't assert much importance to public cleanliness. In India its common to find parks, and other places of public use littered and dirty. Picnic parties very rarely clean their own garbage. It is a very important problem and has to found a solution of. Recently introduced Swach bharat mission is one such step towards this.
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While playing in park with a friend,we find banana peels,coke cans all over the place because it is a bitter truth that in places such as India people don't care to keep the public places clean.They are selfish as they only want to keep their homes clean and they throw all the waste from their homes on roads or here and there.But all are not of this kins,some do care but all do not like to co operate with them.People throw banana or fruit peels,coke cans here and there except throwing in dustbins.All the waste is thrown near the dustbin but not inside it.

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