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     I like cricket a lot.   I played cricket a lot in my childhood and am still playing.  My friends were very interested too.  I like the game when it is going good, when the players are playing seriously and displaying their full talent.  Cricket is called a gentleman's game but now it has become a skilled daring fast athletic man's game.  It is not simple to perform at the national and international levels.

    I watch the cricket played by the international and national players.  I like the one day matches and the twenty twenty formats.  But they are some times too nerve breaking.  When excitement reaches the pinnacle, it is difficult to bear.  I like it when Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli play the ball very well.  I used to like the good strokes that Sachin Tendulkar played a few years ago. I like the powerful helicopter shot of Dhoni.

    What I like more is the good bowling when the bowlers bowl inswingers and outswingers.  It looks so magical that the ball curves it way due to physics and pressure.  It becomes boring often when the batsmen play too much of dot balls.

    Some times the good fielding attempts by the fieldsmen pulls our attention back on to the game.  The diving catches and diving stops at the rope are quite interesting to watch.  I can not dive so well.  But it is ok.

   I like many other games and play them too when I get a chance to.  The good strokes of maxwell, fantastic pace bowling of Stein and a lot of others I like about.

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