1)  Removal of organism from any tropic level of a food chain or food web disturb the ecosystem and leads to ecological imbalance

2)If we remove predators from the food web,the prey population will increase enormously as there is no natural control over them 

3)The producers population will decrease rapidly as the organisms feed on them increase

4)After few generations the prey population also begins to decrease as some of the preys begin to die due to starvation

How can we know that there is a problem in kidneys?

In which conditions do renal diseases occur?

What is ESRD?

Which symptoms can be found before renal failure?

How can we protect the kidney?

How can we avoid renal infections?

Is  dialysis a safety method?

What are preventive steps to be taken?

What is the treatment for renal infections?

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Removal of any one of organism in food web will lead to imbalance nd increase in no. Of prey..which will ultimately cause a loss of diversity in nature