1.Women Empowerment
   Recently we celebrated World Women's day. And on this day everyone was able to see a great support for the empowerment of women and also accepted that already many people have worked upon this and have succeeded. Women Empowerment in my opinion has actually took place in some of previous years. I am glad to see such strict rules against any crime happened with women. Also the government of many states have started Girls helpline to help the girls of their region. So , I talk about women empowerment I think yes now the women has her power and her rights.

2. Politics and Politicians
   Politics can be termed as art and technique of government. It was to bring a country on a great position together. But nowadays it is just a medium to get power and prestige. Indian Politics is said to be started by Mahatma Gandhi which was obviously for the profit and benefit of India but today it is not from such pure intention. We need such politicians who can take country on top of the world.

3. Technology 
    It is really beneficial to all of us as we can really lead a really simple life by using technology. It is always impressive how the human mind invents such useful things to fulfill their needs or you can also say greed. Because the nature has provided us proper things to fulfill our needs but it can never give the things needed to fulfill human greeds. Well coming back to the topic technology it is very useful as it does many of our works very easy. So technology serves as the best machine and also as the best servant.