Holiday Homework Assignement:

Cards made with love and care convey feelings and wishes in the most beautiful way. Make a visually appealing card (using hand made paper) for your mother/father to wish/ greet them on their birthday/ wedding anniversary. Write a few beautiful lines inside the card to express your wishes/ greetings.



I can suggest you the things you can write-
O Mother ! You gave me birth... You handled with so much of pain for me... And I what have I done for you ? Always talked badly with you ... or never obeying you... I am feeling guilty for my mistakes... Oh my dear Mother... Please forgive me .. Please.... 

O Father! you were always strict with me .. to make me disciplined .. to make my life better... and I .. always thought you do not love me .. you always scold me for the things I haven't done... But I was wrong .. indirectly you always supported me.... I have realised my mistakes and I feel sorry for them.... Oh my dear Father please forgive me...... Please......

What else can make them happier when you their child understands them..?