I, want to grow up in the world which I have already thought of , in my dreams. It was one of my sweetest dream because my dream world was very beautiful. In that world no one was greedy. People had brotherhood among them. They gave equal chances to one another. There was no difference between girls and boys,no difference within castes, no violence and no deforestration. It was a green and healthy world. 
                   I wish my dream comes true because I really want to grow up in such beautiful world...!
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Nowadays,the world is messed up.People have become so much reserved and mean.They do not care to ask other people.They have become very selfish.Nowadays,technology is developing very has some advantages as well as disadvantages.Children used to go out play but now they seem to be more interested in playing games in i-pads,i-phones etc.They want the latest technology to be used.The new generation is very quick and advanced.We have almost forgot all the moral values of our basic life.We do not care even to gree t each other.The world in which I would like to grow up there should be peace everywhere.Human activities such a s deforestation,overgrazing done by animals and so on such be stopped.Female security should be promoted and people should respect girls.People should be respecting elders and also techers-as the generation is not doing.Hence,our small small steps can also lead to a big change.Thank you.

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