Dear frnd (or name of ur frnd),
How r u doing? I m having a great time time here . I hope dat u and ur family r doing good there. 

The independence day was celebrated (name of school). We woke up to sing Tagore songs. At 6:00 am we assembled on the playground. Our teacher gave us an inspiring. (Add some more events/information). It was a lot of fun and I wish dat u were also with me. Plz give my regards to ur family and frnds. 

Your best frnd,
(ur name)

(Date) Dear friend ( or name of friend) How are you? I am fine. Hope same for you.Do you celebrate Independence day. We celebrate independence day per year. In our class all children were participated in different different events. There were many events like dancing, dramas and songs. I know in your mind one question is comming and that is in which event you have participated. I have taken part in songs. We enjoyed a lot. I wish that you should also be there but you were not there. Bye. Take care of yours. Give respect to aunt and uncle from my side. Yours best friend (Name of yours)
Plz make it best and after date leave one line. And at last your name will come after leaving the space