Prateek: Grandmother, we children have a lot of studies, look i'am still doing my homework and there is no time to play!
Grandmother: Oh, yes dear you have lots of homework, but when we were young education was not quantity based, we did little or no homework.
Prateek: Wow, that sounds interesting, could you tell me more.
Grandmother: Education was not so costly as it is now, we played the whole day, and the ice creams and other snacks we had consisted of 2 paise jalebis, they were so cheap at that time.
Prateek: What were you taught in schools?
Grandmother: We were not only taught academics, but lifestyle values. We were told many stories related to moral values such as honesty, politeness etc.
Prateek: Oh, i wish i would have been in that time.
Grandmother: Ha, ha ha, why not make a time machine, Prateek.
Prateek: Yes...., i would think about that, first let me get rid of this homework!
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