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Cleanliness impacts national development because if a particular area or a city is not clean or the area is not well-maintained most people will not prefer to stay in the area which will be a economical loss for the country. Cleanliness also impact health because if the sewage maintenance is not well maintained the water will be also not clean which can lead to many diseases like cholera,etc. We can encourage the locality to adopt cleanliness by some welfare activities and not throwing the litters (plastics) on the ground.which can affect the growth of a plant and keeping some garbage cans in the area.we can promote healthy living by telling them to follow the above things.
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Cleanliness impacts national development and health in mamy ways they are if our surrounding are clean then the affect of dieases will be less. and in many ways its helpfull. we can encourage our locality and city to adopt cleanliness for example      our prime minister modi started the swath bharat,it promets in our healthy living.      it keep us far form deases. health is also conisdred in hdi. hdi means human development index. our health is aiso inculed in development report .if we keep our surroundings clean  it is help full to us only. cleanlness is also our right to indians
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