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Ad = 34 cm 
so , oa = 17 cm as ad is diameter and oa is radius 
in triangle opa 
17²=op²+15²   [ as op is pependicular it bisects ab it is the theorem]
op=8 cm 
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Ad is the diameter of the the circle then oa is the radius diameter = 2radius
radius = 34/2 = 17cm
ab is the chord of length 30 cm
AP= 15 cm (perpendicular from the chord bisects the chord)
OA² = AP² + OP²
OP² = OA² - AP²
OP² = 15² - 17²
OP² = 225 - 289
OP² = 64cm
OP = 8 cm
So the distance of the chord from the circle is 8 cm
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