Mera Bharat Mahan 
I am proud to be an Indian. I personally feel that one day India will again become the Golden Bird it used to be. And that 
day will come within my life time. 
The other day, I was talking to some friends about the movie, Rang de Basanti, and as I was talking about it, I realized that it was path-breaking movie in terms of the subject matter, and the way in which the subject matter was dealt with. I remembered this one dialogue from the movie, which had stayed with me, much after the movie had ended
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  The country India is very interesting in many ways. India is shaped by its ancient history, customs, there tradition and heritage from the past. India has a creative burst of cultures, religions and races. Every part of this country presents itself on an extraordinary scale. India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations.Starting from the independence fight INDIA counts a good number of leaders. Top scientists , businessmen , traders and personalities are from india . THE GREATNESS OF INDIA CANNOT BE DESCRIBED IN WORDS .........
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