Marbles of diameter 1.4 cm are dropped into a beaker containing some water and are fully submerged. The diameter of the beaker is 7 cm. Find how many have been dropped in it, if water rises be 56 cm.

Answer is 15.

Please explain me how to do it, and please also explain the question, with a complete written systematic solution if you can, and be as detailed as possible. If you are solving this let me know, because this might take you a while. Is this question wrong, maybe?

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n *  a = b
where n is the number of marbles, a is the Volume of marbles(sphere) and b is volume of beaker(cylinder)

n = b/a

a = volume of sphere

r = diameter/2 = 1.4/2 = 0.7 cm

= \frac{4}{3} πr³
= \frac{4}{3}  \frac{22}{7} * 0.7³
=1.437 cm³

b = volume of cylinder

r = 7/2 = 3.5 cm
h = 56 cm

= πr²h
= \frac{22}{7} * 3.5² * 56
=2156 cm³

n = b/a

n  = 2156 / 1.437 = 1500 spheres
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