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Mini was a young girl, just 5 yrs old and innocent, when she developed a strong friendship with a kabuliwala, who treated her like his very own daughter, and whenever he missed his daughter, he went to see her and always gave her some mewas for free. In the innocence of childhood, mini poured out all her heart to the kabuliwala.The girl was very talkative.Mini and Kabuliwala developed a very good friendship. Kabuliwala used to bring dry fruits for Mini as present and showed the patience of listening to Mini. Rehmat like spending time with her as she was or her daughters age, who he left behind in Afghanistan They used to tease each other about "going to in-laws house".The story revolves around their father-daughter bond.
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Mini was a little,innocent five year old child who develops a true bond with Kabuliwala named Rehamat.The kabuliwala used to give her dry fruits like nuts,resins,grapes etc and won Mini's heart like this.