An activity has been performed by a student for comparing the pressure exerted by a solid cuboid on the loose sand. Now the student observed an compressed depression caused by same solid cuboid on wheat flour when placed in same position. If P1and P2 be the pressure exerted by a solid cuboid on sand as well as wheat flour then the correct relation between P1 and P2 observed by him/her
A. P1>P2
B. P1

i can't understand the B option.



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P1 = P2
Pressure = weight of the solid cuboid / area of cross section the cuboid
The depression in the wheat flour caused by the cuboid is more than the depression caused by the cuboid on the loose sand.  This is due to the density of the wheat flour being less than the density of the loose sand.

    But the pressure exerted by the cuboid is dependent on its dimensions and density and not on the flour or sand.

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