What will happen if both the characters present in f1 generation pass together in F2 generations

i didn't understand the question properly...F1 generation contains T-t and T-t. so both will be passed obviously.
yaa you are right i too get confused during examination hall but write all this process of crossing.
I am Just posting these questions so that students can be benefit by learning these types of questions.


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The parents are two purebred plants: tall(TT) and dwarf(tt).

Both of them contribute one gamete each with one allele and they fuse to form the first(F1) generation. The F1 generation plants are all tall(Tt).

Now the F1 generation plants contribute two types of gamete each: T and t from both the plants. Now crossing over happens as shown in figure and three types of plants are produced in the second(F2) generation. The plants are tall(TT), tall(Tt) and dwarf(tt).
The phenotypic ratio in the F2 generation is 
tall : dwarf = 3:1
The genotypic ratio is
TT:Tt:tt = 1:2:1
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Draw the diagram as shown in figure. It carries most of the marks. Properly write the gametes, parents and generations in the left side.
Consider 2 pure breed plants in which 1 has green seeds and another with yellow seeds. In f1 generation the plants are self  pollinated . We get 4 breeds of yellow seed giving plants and 4 breeds of green seed giving plants. 
In f2 generation the plants are cross pollinated. Then we get 1 pure breed of green plant ,1 pure breed of yellow plant and 2 non-pure breeds of yellow or green plants according to dominant and recessive traits.

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