To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Hachiko’s death– and the 90th of Ueno’s– the University of Tokyo reunited the Akita Inu with his owner in a new statue displayed on campus. Unlike the Shibuya station statue, Hachiko appears not stoic and determined, but with a wide dog smile, greeting Ueno. The unveiling of the statue occured on March 8. Hope this helps you :)
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Everyday Hachiko went to the railway station to receive his master/owner in front of the gate and he and the master would return home together. After a few days the master died, but Hachiko used to go to the railway station regularly. And was eagerly waiting for his master to return. After a few days Hachiko died. The ppl of China decided to build a statue in memory of Hachiko. They made the statue at the exact place where Hachiko used to wait for his master. The ppl made this statue because they believed dat one day Hachiko would meet his master and be proved for loyalty and faith. Hachiko is Japan's most loyal dog till date. 
Question says why was it replaced?
And u answerd why was it Placed?!!