Crocodiles have four chambered heart even though they are considerd reptiles as all the features which define reptiles are defined by crocodile except that it has got four chambered heart.The features of crocodiles which matches with a reptile are :

1. Oviparous
2. Cold blooded
3. Lungs for respiration
4. dry and scaly skin
5. External development
6. Limbs as they are locomotory.
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 The features of crocodiles which matches with a reptile are :

1. Cold blooded
2. Lungs are present for respiration
3. Dry skin
4. Scaly skin
5. Limbs as they are locomotory organs
6. External fertilistion
7 .They are oviparous

An another intresting fact about crocodiles is that they cannot put their tongue out as it is sticked to its upper jaw.

 Crocodiles are four chambered but are  reptiles which is already given in the question itself.

Another intresting fact is that a baby crocodile develops an egg tooth which is a point on its end of nose which helps it to break its egg shell when it is about hatch.
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