ABCD is a parallelogram field with ΔA=60.if there are two fire stations at points c and d and fire is reported at point o,then which fire station has to send their team to catch the fire first ?why?

where is o
db and ac intersect each other and o is the centre of them
a is area



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Probably some details are missing like the length of CD or AB or BC...  Area is given, we needed to know the angles.

In a parallelogram  the adjacent angles are supplementary ie., sum is 180 deg.
  angle C + angle D = 180.

If angle C >  angle D,  then  OC <  OD,  So the fire station at C is nearer to the fire at O.  So choose the firestation at the  obtuse angle rather than at the acute angle.

If angle D = angle C, then  OC = OD.  Then both stations are equi-distant.

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