Shruti and kriti were performing the experiment to find the pressure exerted by a cuboid kept on sand with its different faces. shruti shared her thought with kriti and told her that since the teacher had explained about pressure and area therefore she could guess the result.
a) how can you relate pressure applied by an object with its area?
b) what would be the observation of shruti and kriti?
c) which qualities about shruti do you observed from here?



Pressure applied is inversely proportional to area

the depressiona on sand wouls be greater when kept on largest side and  smallets when on smallest one

keen to learn , knowlege of pressure , good friendship

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A) If the area in which force exerted is big the pressure will be less as the formula for pressure is = force / area
b) shruthi and kriti would have observed that when the cuboid lies on the sand in the small area the cuboid would start going down but while in larger area it would remain up
c) she is very intelligent and observant