Write the one which is easier and u HV a lot of information about it. If I would HV been in ur place I would HV chosen my family. Its up to u.
Family is a blessing that not many of us or in some cases may not have a complete family.Family is a gift from God and a good family will always stay with each other no matter what they have to face. Like this I am also having  a very small and a sweet family. i.e. my family is a nuclear family.My family is my strength and from here i am getting a lot of love, warmth, attention etc..My bonding with my family is so strong that no one can dare to break it.In total there are 4 members in my family i.e my father , my mother , my younger brother and family is a daring family as it has faced a lot of problems but then also it's strength was not parents that are too loving and caring have sacrificed a lot for me .My brother always gives me respect and i too help him whenever he needs family has done a lot for me and if in future if i'll get the chance to pay back i'll be pleased to do so as this family is the best.

There is no other peaceful place in the entire world than the comfort of my house.My house is a small and a beautiful house with a garden full of beautiful flowers and total there are 5 rooms in my house, 1 drawing room, one kitchen, and 3 bedrooms and each  is very welly decorated and ventilated.all rooms in my house looks very descent.We all family members sit in the drawing room in he evening and share our views of that day..this house gives me a lot of peacefulness which allows me to run a fresh mind the surroundings are so clean that it becomes a pleasure to spend time there. i love to be in this house