the process of planning , developing , distributing and managing the proper use of water is known as management of water resources
  the sanitation and water management are linked 
         when we use water at home , industries etc...... it becomes polluted or contaminated. also the various wastes thrown in our surroundings finally reach water bodies and make them undesirable  for use . thus ,sanitation is important for conservation of water bodies  and  thus effective means to manage water resources 
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Water management, sanitation and agriculture are inherently linked: When we use Water is needed for agriculture, it is needed in our homes, and in industries etc. We contaminate the water with different substances. Yet, what we commonly call 'contaminants' can be a valuable resource in some other place such as nutrients in agriculture. In that way, waste water is not a waste, but a resource that has been misplaced. This fact argues that current approaches to waste water management are the root of many other problems. Among them is the lack of water and nutrients in agriculture, insufficient yields, health problems and environmental contamination. Only an approach that recognizes waste water as a resource can overcome these problems. This is how sanitation can be linked to water resource management.